Philips launches full HD camcorder with Wi-Fi


After years of nonattendance from the camcorder market makes a comeback with the Philips HD ESee. The camcorder features a 23x zoom lens and is operational with Wi-Fi for uploading videos to YouTube and Face book among others. The ESee HD is equipped with a touch of unknown size and video clips, with a maximum resolution of 1080p, stored on an SD card. Above the aperture is an integrated flash and ESee HD has an “audio zoom’ option, which the microphone is likely to be more focused.

Almost certainly the most functions controlled via the touch screen. Moreover, the pictures also a button for on and off the camcorder visible this button is right on the zoom button. Unfortunately there is no image of the right. The case of the ESee HD seems to be made of a drink. Philips has also formerly this year released a pocket camcorder, once in October 2010 has a manual of this CAM100 appeared on the Internet. The CAM100 can 720/30p-video recording, storage makes use of a micro-sd card and has both an AV and an HDMI output. The CAM100 is also a 1 / 4 “CMOS image sensor and a 2″ display.

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