New Pentax K-x goes colorful with four new colors


New Pentax K-x goes colorful with four new colors

Pentax K-xis a lot extra good-looking abruptly with the camera company introducing four new colors for the DSLR. Disappeared the days when photographers used to love the black DSLR. While the black colored camera standstill looks cool and I still prefer the same yet there is a variety of photographers who like to go colorful and for them Pentax K-x is now available in four different colors.

To be particular Pentax is now offering the Pentax K-x in olive, beige, pink and chocolate. While the pink version existed before only during Valentine’s Day, the whole package is currently available via their website officially. Thinking of going pink?

The 12.4 mega pixel Pentax K-x boasts of 2.7 inches LCD screen and will be able to record HD video at 24 FPS. The tremble reduction feature keeps a check on your trembling hands to bring out stable images. The camera has the typically expected face detection feature which can detain up to 16 faces at one time.

The automatic modes and different scene modes are existing for new photographers to learn DSLR photography. Fast 4.7 FPS capture speed and 1/6000 second maximum shutter speeds are probable with the PENTAX PRIME II image processing engine. The camera will be capable to capture over 1900 shots with the simply obtainable AA lithium batteries while it is well-matched with AA NiMH rechargeable and alkaline batteries also.

Pentax K-x also boasts an alert 11 point extensive angle SAFOX VIII autofocus system that focuses rapidly and exactly, and can simply track moving subjects ideal for sports and activities.

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